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    Women’s Basketball, the world’s most popular sport, has secured the world championship in the women’s game, the women of Australia said on Wednesday.

    Women’s basketball, which has won the past two tournaments, is set to win its sixth title, the Australian women’s team said on its official Twitter account.

    “We’re extremely proud of the women and the team for making history,” the team said.

    “It’s a very special day and the moment we all want to share with the whole world.”

    Australia will always be proud of what we’ve achieved and we will celebrate with all of our sisters, friends and families.

    “The Australian women won their fourth consecutive World Cup in 2016.

    The team was formed in 2002 and had not competed in the final before last week’s final.”

    The Australians have always been one of the most innovative, passionate and ambitious teams in the world,” Australian head coach Kristie Clark said in a statement.”

    This year has been an incredible rollercoaster ride for us and we are incredibly proud of how the team has played over the past year and a half.

    “The tournament begins on March 2 in Melbourne, Australia, with the first round on March 12.

    The final takes place on March 17 in Paris, France.

    Australia has been ranked in the top 10 for a record three consecutive years.