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    The National Education Association (NEA) has published a blog post that warns that the education reform process could be at risk, with a possible “revisionist school reform” and an “influential “federal government intervention” on the horizon.

    The NEA blog, which also includes a video, says the government has already begun to roll out its reform plan, with an election due in October, and will “take time to fully understand the implications of all the initiatives before making a decision”.”

    The potential for such a plan to be changed, if it is introduced in the way it is, is one that should worry every American,” the blog states.

    The “significant and urgent” change in the process could “require a substantial and significant cost in the US, if the government intervenes”, the blog says.

    It goes on to warn that “significant” reform would also include a “massive” increase in the number of schools, with schools already having a “significant number of students with special needs”.”

    In a state with so many schools with so much potential for improvement, we can only imagine the cost of such a radical change,” it adds.”

    It’s important that we get this right.

    “The NEAC, a trade association for more than 20,000 teachers and schools, said in a statement that “the federal government has the power to intervene” and that “in the event of a major setback, it is important that the states, localities, and communities work together to make sure they don’t lose control of the education system”.”

    States, local communities, and educators must come together to address the serious problems of inequity, exclusion, and exclusionary practices that exist in the education process,” it said.