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    The Air Force is considering joining the U and A National Guard after President Trump’s decision to end the Pentagon’s current program to train and equip the Uprising.

    The Air Force has already deployed its own air defense force in Afghanistan, and it’s possible that the Air National Guards will be deployed in other countries in the future.

    “We’re actively looking at other countries, whether they be in Europe, Asia, Latin America,” Air Force Lt.

    Gen. Tom Jones, the commander of the Uprightness Program, told reporters in a press briefing on Wednesday.

    “We’re certainly looking at countries that have military, not just air, assets in place, and we’ll be looking at a number of countries over the next few years.”

    The U.N. is also planning to send a delegation to Afghanistan in 2019 to try to find ways to support local security forces, a move that would be in keeping with the international community’s call to end a program that has led to tens of thousands of deaths since the start of the war in 2014.

    Trump announced that he would end the military’s training program, which has helped to train some 2,000 of the more than 5,000 U.L.N.-trained Afghan soldiers in the country since the end of the surge.

    The Army has also been training the Afghan National Security Forces, who are largely under the control of the Afghan government.

    The Uprights also face challenges in their own nation.

    They are a U.K.-based organization that has been criticized for its reliance on foreign forces.

    The U.A.E. is an autonomous region in Central and South America that is not part of the United Nations, which makes the UPrights a little bit different from the rest of the armed forces in the region.

    Jones said the UB will continue to train Afghan National Police officers and soldiers who will be in charge of security in the Uruzgan province.

    That region, along with other U.B. areas in Afghanistan and Iraq, is now under the administration of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

    “They’ll be training security forces in that region, but also in other parts of Afghanistan,” Jones said.

    “The UB does provide assistance to local forces in their fight against [terrorists] but not necessarily in their support of the international forces that are there.

    We’ll be supporting them as well as their Afghan partners.”

    The Air National guard’s mission in Afghanistan has been a major focus of the Trump administration’s Afghanistan strategy, which is based on the Urean Doctrine, a Cold War-era U.s. policy that calls for a strong military to protect the country and to combat foreign threats.

    The policy has drawn the ire of the Taliban, which calls it a US invasion.


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