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    By Michael Baumann | USA TODAY The National Football League, which has been at the forefront of the protest movement over the past year, has become the perfect venue for the anthem protests.

    The league’s refusal to condemn white supremacist groups or Trump has created a situation that has been a magnet for people who want to see the protests happen.

    And that is precisely the point: the NFL wants to protect its reputation.

    So what does that mean for the league?

    The answer is complicated.

    Here are the key points.


    The NFL can’t stand up for racism It is not the league’s job to take sides on issues that go beyond sports.

    As the nation’s premier entertainment league, the NFL has a huge role in shaping the country.

    And the league is one of the few institutions in the country where the players are able to sit down and talk.

    The idea is that the players and owners are united in their belief that racism is not only wrong but morally wrong.

    The players have also long been outspoken in their support of the Black Lives Matter movement and the Black civil rights movement.

    They have also had a clear stance on the use of police to fight crime.

    But there is one thing that has always bothered them.

    The sport is not just about football.

    It’s about family and community, and it’s about protecting the sanctity of the anthem.

    For decades, the league has been the voice of the American middle class.

    It has a powerful position in shaping social issues in the U.S. The current generation of NFL owners is largely white, and the league had already embraced the diversity of its fanbase in the last two years.

    And there is a growing sense that the league could stand up to racism if it didn’t want to be criticized.

    The problem, according to some league insiders, is that if the players wanted to take a stand, they would need to stand up publicly.

    This was a position the players took repeatedly during the national anthem protests that turned violent.

    But it’s not the NFL’s job, and that’s the problem.


    The president can’t control the NFL The NFL is a public corporation.

    So the president can take a direct action to change the culture of the league or change how it is run.

    He can’t take away the ability of the players to speak out on racial and economic issues or take away their right to peacefully protest, even when they feel they are being harassed or attacked.

    And he can’t force the players, or anyone else, to follow his lead.


    The government can’t stop the protests The protests are a peaceful demonstration, but they are also a political demonstration that draws support from millions of people across the country, including members of Congress and celebrities.

    The President can’t prevent the protests, and his power to do so is limited.

    The protests do not violate any federal or state laws.

    They do not constitute criminal activity or create an immediate threat to the public safety.

    But if the President is forced to intervene, the protests will not be allowed to continue.

    The demonstrations are a demonstration of a group of Americans who feel that the country is divided and that the political process is broken.

    And this is the first step in a much longer process of bringing about the kind of unity that they believe the country deserves.


    The protesters will eventually go away There is no question that the protests are energizing the nation and inspiring others.

    But even if there are no protests this year, the movement will eventually die down.

    The athletes and owners will be tired of protesting and want to get back to playing.

    They will be embarrassed by the spectacle of the national teams playing on the field.

    And they will be frustrated by the lack of leadership from the President.

    So this is where the protests can come to an end.

    The political and social issues that these players are expressing have real potential to create a new and better country.

    The most important thing that will come out of this is that it will be a nation of equal citizens, not divided by racial or economic divides.

    If there is any doubt about that, there is no doubt about it.

    As long as there are those in power, they will try to silence the voices of those who want the protests to end.

    They also want to keep playing.

    But the people will eventually rise up and take their place.