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    Israel’s largest bank and the National University of Mexico have canceled joint seminars after a boycott of the institutions’ events.

    The bank on Friday suspended the joint classes with the university, which had been scheduled for Nov. 12 and 14.

    The Israeli embassy said it was aware of the boycott and planned to withdraw the event.

    Israel’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the boycott was in “full force and scope” and that Israel will not tolerate any boycott of Israel.

    Netanyahu has repeatedly accused Hamas of sponsoring terrorism and the BDS movement that seeks to isolate the Palestinians.

    BDS activists have held rallies across the world to call for Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian territories and demand an end to the blockade.

    The BDS movement says it aims to boycott Israel’s Western Wall and other sites, which Israel maintains as part of its occupation.

    The wall, which is part of the Western Wall compound where Jewish and Muslim prayer rumblings have taken place for decades, was built by Jewish colonists.