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    I’m a big believer in EVs and their potential to be a massive disruptive force in the world of transportation.

    In the future, I think that we’ll have to continue to buy a large number of these cars, because the price of electric vehicles is going to keep going up.

    The reality is that the cost of gasoline and diesel is going up as well, and the cost to buy an EV is going down.

    The biggest reason why EVs are going to continue their exponential growth, if we continue to invest in research and development, is that we’re going to be able to produce EVs that are cheaper and easier to make than gasoline or diesel.

    And if we can keep the price down for a while, I believe that the market will be able grow.

    We need to start by investing in electric vehicles, and not just in the vehicles that are already on the road.

    That’s not to say that we can’t have a lot of EVs that we buy today, because that’s the nature of the beast.

    But in the end, it’s going to require investment in research, development, and manufacturing, which will require a large portion of the capital that we spend today on our infrastructure.

    We’re not going to invest our way out of this.

    I think there’s still a lot we can do to make the cost for electric vehicles as low as possible, so that we will have an incentive to invest and produce them and get people to drive them.

    If we can achieve that, we’ll be able make money on the EV market for decades to come.

    I’ll be honest, it took me a while to realize how big a deal electric cars really are, but I’m finally starting to see the fruits of that labor.

    The first thing that I did when I started the company was to talk to some investors about what they wanted to see happen with electric vehicles in the next five years.

    One of them was a person named Bill Nye, who is one of the most well-known scientists and advocates for science in America, and he said to me, “I think electric vehicles are going be a big part of the future.”

    And I thought, Wow, what a fantastic way to start the conversation.

    I was actually excited by that.

    I really thought, I could be on a board of directors, and if the opportunity came up, I would jump at it.

    I’ve heard about Bill Nysons work on the Internet, and I knew he was going to help us out with the electric car, and as a result, I got to be part of it.

    The second thing I did was to do some research and ask around, and see if any people had any experience with electric cars and how to do it.

    There are a lot who haven’t been in the business of electric cars, but it’s very, very important for them to get involved and start their own business.

    That was the first step.

    The third thing I wanted to do was to get some experience working with an EV supplier, and this is something that I’m actually a huge fan of.

    I’m the CEO of an electric car company called B.A.D., and we’ve been producing electric vehicles for about 15 years now.

    We have a number of suppliers who have been working on their own EVs for the last five or six years.

    And so I wanted the first-hand experience with these suppliers, and it was very, really rewarding.

    One supplier who was really a big supporter of our company, who I met at the company’s factory, and who was the CEO, he was really happy that we had such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable supplier of the products that we needed to make.

    And I’m glad to say, he’s been a customer of ours for the past five years, and we’re getting even closer.

    The fourth thing that we did was talk to the heads of electric car suppliers and asked them, “Can you help us with a program to help make electric cars more affordable?”

    And the answer was, “Absolutely.”

    That was a huge help.

    We got to work with suppliers in California, Texas, New York, and Europe who were working on a program where they were working with various companies to bring electric cars to market.

    They’re going through a lot, and some of them are in their 80s, and they are really excited to see what’s going on in the EV industry.

    And they said, “We’re willing to do a program that would give you the opportunity to do the same for us, but we would need to have an agreement with you first.

    But you would do all the work for us and then you would be paid for your work.

    That would be great, and then we would do it for you.”

    That’s the program that we started.

    And that was a great start.

    And we are just getting started.

    We’ve been doing some big milestones.

    In July, we had a contract with a company


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