Hey there, I'm Mey

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what can i say about myself?

I think that writing this part is almost as difficult as writing what I do, or how I started.

Growing up in israel, I started blogging on an Israeli blogging platform at the age of 15. 
After my service, I left Israel on and off, and worked in different locations around the world- locally. 

Once that “phase” was out of my system- I started my grown-up jobs period, worked in so many niches, mostly with an online aspect, and in 2013 opened another blog and really dove in to learning affiliate marketing and wordpress.

I have been a freelancer since July 2015, and I use my online revenue life to slow-mad my way through beautiful places in the world (slow-mad = living the digital nomad life, but staying longer in each destination).

I live & breath art.

the first time someone placed a guitar in my hand I was 6 years old.
25 years later (god I’m old), and countless of guitars along the way- I decided to try out ukulele! (thinking it’d be easier to travel with it and not a full guitar.)

I have been drawing and sketching from almost the same age…
And when I’m “not working” I’m still doodling, creating, thinking of new designs.
They say that you’ll never work a day in your life if you love what you do- and they are right 🙂

i'm a chronic-badass

I think i found this term somewhere on instagram- and ever since I feel like it’s an accurate description of me 🙂

I’m not going to go into a monolog here about the full extent of my medical condition, but- with:

Fibromyalgia, PTSD, low back injury from a car accident, nerve damage in my upper back (from strain and dislocating shoulders), and many other side-effects-

traveling is one of my biggest accomplishments. 

Whenever I travel I have wheelchair assistant in the airport- helping me survive a journey that would have otherwise ended after 5 minutes of standing in line and simply falling down. 

My disability is an “issue” with so many people who are, for some reason, annoyed with me from being disabled + traveling, or even calling myself disabled when they are days where “they can clearly see” I’m happy and alive.

Traveling taught me that… these people don’t matter 🙂


Traveling with disability fibromyalgia fms ptsd chronic back pain

"you're not just your disability"

is a sentence i hear quite often, and I have to say… I don’t agree with it.

My disability is a sum of my life lessons.
I am who I am because of what I’ve been through.
When people ask me how I got my work ethic- I immediately think about years of physical therapy, or even the army experience, or my sad sad childhood (LOL) 

I get how for some people- they want other things to define them…
But I’m perfectly ok being “disabled”
For me it’s a synonym for survivor or badass <3 

How do you define yourself?

in the photo- me, sleeping in Impact Hub Bucharest
(cause my thing is srsly falling asleep in coworking spaces…)

sleeping in impact hub bucharest digital nomad life