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    It’s the year of the little house, which is now officially the world’s most popular pet, and the U.K. is home to an estimated 200 million tiny houses.

    The nation’s first tiny house, the Little House on the Prairie, debuted in 1997 and has since spawned hundreds of clones, ranging from a tiny apartment to a miniature castle.

    But the U:K.’s popularity is on the rise, with a slew of local and national events around the country taking place in the coming months.

    We spoke with the people behind some of the country’s biggest names in the tiny house world to find out who’s really doing the most for the tiny home movement.

    “Tiny houses are everywhere,” says Anna Leech, owner of the tiny-home-focused studio Little House, which launched in 2016.

    “You can find them everywhere.

    I’m surprised to see that they’re so popular in the U.: I’m not aware of a single tiny house or a mini-home anywhere in the country.”

    In addition to its international and local events, the studio hosts a Tiny House Week every August, where people can meet, shop and have fun.

    “We’re trying to bring some of those elements into the UK, and I think that’s really important,” she says.

    “This is our second year.

    I can’t imagine how many people would come if we could bring them into the U.”

    It’s also the year that Tiny House National Day is celebrated across the U., with a variety of events taking place across the country and in the world, including the annual Tiny House World Championships, which takes place this weekend.

    Leech is also the creator of the U-Turning World of Tiny Houses, which offers a host of events across the UK that celebrate the art of DIY living.

    “It’s such a cool thing, because you get to meet like-minded people and you get inspired by each other,” she explains.

    “And you can really do something new every year, like the U Turning World, where you go into a tiny house and try something different.

    It may seem like an odd choice to celebrate a national holiday that celebrates a particular pet, but Leech insists that she is “totally supportive of it.” “

    People will be inspired by what you can do with it, and that’s fantastic.”

    It may seem like an odd choice to celebrate a national holiday that celebrates a particular pet, but Leech insists that she is “totally supportive of it.”

    “I think we should celebrate the little things,” she tells us.

    “But I also think that we should be celebrating the whole world and we should support everyone.”

    She says that she’s also excited to be working with the National Life Group, which works to support people in the small house movement.

    This includes providing information and advice to the U and U-turning community.

    “I’m very proud of what we’re doing, and we want to continue to support and support the tiny houses,” she adds.

    Leeches is also a proud owner of several other U-Ties, including The Biggest Little House in Britain, which has been featured on British TV shows such as The Real Housewives of London, The X Factor and The Mindy Project.

    The Little House at the End of the Universe is the UK’s biggest and best-known small-home project, and it recently won the 2016 U-Hauling Grand Prix.

    Leeshed out her own plans for the future of the project, which she hopes to launch this fall.

    “There are so many things we can do, but we have to do them in the right way,” she states.

    And that’s a really cool way to celebrate.” “

    What we’re trying [to] do is bring the movement forward by supporting the small homes that we all love.

    And that’s a really cool way to celebrate.”

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    Tiny house living isn’t just about decorating.

    Leechers also enjoys cooking, and recently founded the UK-based Tiny Kitchen, which provides an array of home-delivered cooking and baking services to local communities.

    “With tiny houses, there’s so much to do,” she laughs.

    “A lot of us are going into kitchens, baking in tiny kitchens, because we’re looking for something different and we don’t know where to start.

    It can be really inspiring.”

    Leech also enjoys playing with dogs, which was also one of her inspirations for the Littlehouse at the Ends of the World project.

    “One of my favourite things about my tiny house is that it’s all connected, because there’s no space between the walls,” she notes.

    “In the past, I was just doing my own thing and I didn’t really know how to play with dogs.

    Now I’m going to try to help people, so that’s my dream, to help other people play with animals.”