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    SAN FRANCISCO — The San Francisco defense was the best unit in the league last year, and it is still one of the best in the NFL.

    The 49ers’ defense was dominant, ranking sixth in the nation in points allowed per game and ninth in total defense.

    The defense ranked No. 1 in the country in passing yards allowed per attempt, No. 2 in yards per rush, No 2 in passing touchdowns allowed, No 1 in interceptions allowed, and No. 5 in total touchdowns allowed.

    It was also one of only four defenses to rank in the top five in yards allowed and points allowed.

    That defense ranked second in the Pac-12, and in the SEC, and was a factor in the 49ers winning the conference championship.

    The secondary was dominant last season, ranking fourth in the NCAA in interceptions and eighth in interceptions per game.

    The secondary allowed fewer than 10 points in just six games.

    It was also a factor last season in the national playoff, where the defense finished fourth in points and yards allowed.

    The defense was one of just two teams to rank first or second in interceptions, third or fourth in yards, and fourth or better in pass defense.

    San Francisco’s defense ranked first in the Big Ten in total pass defense, No