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    The NBA’s national league standings have come under fire from fans and analysts alike for not including the Miami Heat, the Houston Rockets, and the Utah Jazz in the league’s top 10 standings.

    And they aren’t the only ones who question the accuracy of the league rankings.

    Here’s a look at the five biggest questions that remain unanswered as the season enters its final stretch.1.

    Who’s the hottest team in the NBA right now?2.

    Who are the hottest teams?3.

    What’s the NBA’s hottest team right now????4.

    Who is the hottest NBA team right this minute????5.

    Who has the hottest basketball team right here????6.

    Who have the hottest sports team right in front of them????7.

    Who won the hottest league title?8.

    Who was the hottest coach in the history of the NBA????9.

    Who were the hottest college players in college????10.

    Who had the hottest player in the world?1.

    The Heat Heat are a trendy favorite in the rankings.

    The NBA has always ranked teams by the league average points scored per game and the average field goal percentage allowed.

    It also measures teams by wins, wins-per-game, and wins-plus-one per game.

    In the past, this was the method the NBA used to determine who had the best record in the division, but that was done in the 1990s.

    The new method uses the team’s current position in the standings to determine its ranking, with a top five or bottom five ranking, respectively.

    Miami is currently the top team in both categories, and that’s the case until the season ends on Oct. 10.

    So who is the most hot?

    Miami is currently ranked as the hottest franchise in the basketball world right now.

    And while that’s certainly true, the Heat have been in the top 10 in both the points scored and the field goal percentages allowed each of the past three seasons.

    However, the top five teams in both those categories aren’t exactly the hottest, and neither are the five teams ranked below them.2.

    The Rockets have been the hottest under the new system.

    The league average in the new standings is +9.1 points per game, which is roughly equal to the Heat’s +9 points per play.

    This means the Rockets have scored an average of +15.3 points per 100 possessions, and have a +3.1 net rating.

    In addition, they have allowed the sixth-most points in the last three seasons, which makes them one of the few teams to allow the eighth-most total points.

    That’s not great, but it’s the seventh-most in the past four seasons.

    They also rank fourth in rebounds per game (4.1) and have allowed more than 10.0 rebounds per 100 plays.

    The team’s offensive rating is currently +7.8, which means it ranks third in the conference.3.

    The Jazz have the seventh and final spot in the national league.

    The average points allowed is +10.6 per game under the old system, which ranks sixth.

    But Utah’s offensive ratings are actually fifth best in the nation, at +9, and its defensive rating is third at +7, meaning it’s in the bottom 10 in every category.

    Utah’s average win total is currently -9.7, which has been tied with the Nuggets for the third-worst mark in the sport.4.

    The Kings have been one of those teams that hasn’t gotten much love in recent years.

    The Utah Jazz have been outscored by an average margin of +10,000 per game in the previous three seasons under the current system, and their last winning season was 2009-10.

    But the team hasn’t lost a game since, and they’ve been a steady playoff contender since the 2011-12 season.

    That season was a playoff team that won 48 games.5.

    The Cavaliers have been a hot favorite in recent seasons, but they’ve only managed to reach the playoffs once.

    That year, they finished fourth in the East.

    In 2013-14, they were in the middle of the pack with a 20-13 record.

    Since the All-Star break, however, they’ve fallen off the map, going 1-13, while losing 11 of their past 12.

    They’ve won just nine of their last 13 games, and are averaging a league-worst -2.8 points per possession.6.

    The Warriors have been on the rise under the league-wide scoring system, but the team has only averaged 103.9 points during the league regular season.

    It would seem that a drastic change to the scoring system would be necessary to boost the team back into the top spot.

    However (and here’s where the Heat and Heat fans will be more upset than the rest of us), the Warriors have scored the eighth most points per 50 possessions (35.2) and are the sixth most efficient team in basketball.

    Their offensive rating of +13.0


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