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    It’s not the only one. 

    Canada’s national anthem has been played for more than 200 years at a time of national crisis, from World War II to the recent election.

    In 2014, the government played the national anthem at the national sporting event.

    At the end of each game, the band plays a song that is not part of the national theme, such as a military theme or the theme of a country.

    The anthem can also be played on its own as a celebration of national pride.

    What you need to know about Canadian national anthem:The national anthem was originally played in 1885 at the conclusion of the First World War and in 1892 at the end in the First Confederation.

    But the country has been without an official anthem since 1891, when the Queen, at a coronation, chose the theme to play at the coronation of her husband.

    Its been played at sporting events for the last 100 years.

    In 1917, the song was changed to “God Save the Queen” for World War I and the anthem was played again during World War 2.

    It was then changed again to the national motto for the duration of the war.

    It was played at the Canada-United States War of Independence parade in 1921, the centennial of the Confederation of British Columbia.

    After the war, it was played on the home of the first president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, and at other events.

    During the war and after, it became a rallying cry for Canadians who felt their country was being betrayed.

    The anthem was used in Canada by the United Nations and by the Canadian Forces, as well as by some sporting events.

    The song was once played at a football game.

    As part of its commitment to honour Canada’s military veterans, the Canadian government also played the anthem in a national remembrance service held every year on May 11.

    In 2017, the anthem at a parade marking the centenary of Confederation was played.

    The government has also played it at a military parade on the day of Remembrance Day.

    A few years ago, the National Arts Centre, which holds the National Memorial, played the Canadian anthem at its annual Christmas concert.

    This year, the centre announced plans to play the anthem for the National Day parade and a military march on the anniversary of the Canadian-Canadian War, a major military conflict in which Canada and the United Kingdom fought to protect their interests and to preserve their way of life.

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