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    National nude days are over.

    But in the city of Sydney, the state of New South Wales is still looking to introduce a new one.

    The first day of the week is National Naked Days in 2018, and it’s not just for women.

    The national day for women, in fact, is a national holiday.

    In Melbourne, it is called National Naked Time.

    In Sydney, National Nude Time is a non-profit event run by the State Government to raise awareness about the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace.

    Naked beaches are a big deal in Sydney and for the city’s beaches, there is a whole week of events to enjoy, including nude beaches, a nude-only swimming pool, a free public swim and a naked shopping street.

    We are not just celebrating our national holidays and celebrations around our beaches, but also celebrating the important work that our community does to combat this problem.

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