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    The legal battle to prove that a 10-year-old boy accused of being sexually abused by his paternal grandfather was wrongly convicted has been set for trial in Sydney’s north-west.

    The trial of 15-year old Adam Jackson, who was accused by his mother, Jessica Jackson, of sexually abusing him, is scheduled for June 14.

    The case has triggered an unprecedented debate about child sexual abuse and child custody, which is now in the spotlight following the death of three-year olds who were sexually abused at a private boarding school.

    Key points: Adam Jackson is accused of sexually assaulting his grandfather’s mother, who is a teacher, at a remote rural boarding schoolA lawyer says his client is a retarded sonAdam Jackson is one of the country’s most prolific child sexual predator suspects, and the lawyer who is representing him says his son is mentally illMr Jackson’s father, Paul Jackson, is the leader of the Retarded Australian Society.

    He says his sons personality was “deliberately manipulated” by his sons abusive father, who he believes is a mentally ill man.

    “We have had the most recent incident involving Adam Jackson at a community meeting of the National Honor Society,” Mr Jackson said.

    “I have an enormous amount of sympathy for Adam Jackson. “

    “But this behaviour is not reflective of his son.””

    Mr Jackson has a history of domestic violence and assault against his wife, who also works as a teacher.”

    But this behaviour is not reflective of his son.”

    Mr Jackson has a history of domestic violence and assault against his wife, who also works as a teacher.

    The former teacher and teacher-student has been in custody since being arrested in July 2014.

    He has been charged with three counts of attempted rape of a child under the age of 16, three counts each of attempted sexual intercourse with a child aged 13 to 17 and three counts for assaulting his former wife.

    The alleged victim has spoken out about her abuse in the past, including a video clip that went viral on social media.

    The boy’s mother was one of those who was initially told by police that she was “not a danger” to her son.

    She is now suing for damages.

    The victim said the alleged abuse began when Adam’s father first came to the home in November 2013.

    “He started coming in, and he had his hand on my waist, and I felt pain in my chest and I could see his hand, and it was rubbing my thigh,” she said.

    The child was initially placed in the care of the family’s grandparents, but the boy’s father later moved in.

    He later accused the girl’s mother of abusing the boy.

    In a statement to the ABC, the National Honour Society said it was aware of the case and that the alleged victim was a victim of abuse.

    “The National Honor society is aware of and takes the wellbeing of the members of its society very seriously,” the statement read.

    “It is our understanding that the child has been assessed for autism, which may result in significant developmental delays.”

    However, we are confident the National Honours Society and its members are committed to ensuring that the wellbeing and safety of all members is maintained and maintained in an appropriate way.

    “A spokesperson for the Australian Border Force (ABF) said it had no record of the allegations being investigated by the national test network (NATS) and was unable to comment on them.”

    As with any investigation, we cannot comment on individual matters or the outcome of any such investigation,” they said.

    Mr Jackson is the founder of the Australian National Honor Association and the chair of the organisation’s national executive board.

    He is also the founder and executive director of the national Honor Society.ABC/ReutersTopics:sexual-offences,crime,children,community-and-society,courts-and/or-trials,police,tas,nsw,australiaFirst posted June 06, 2019 14:06:50Contact Lisa O’ConnorMore stories from Australia