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    Posted May 24, 2018 04:00:03The Alaska National Park Service (ANPS) is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and today marks the official launch of a new “The National Heritage” website that will serve as a resource for Alaskans to learn more about the region’s cultural treasures.

    Located in the north-central corner of Alaska, the ANPS encompasses more than 70 national forests, over 70,000 acres of open space, and over 11,500 glaciers.

    It is the third-largest national park in the country.

    ANPS preserves more than 300,000 archaeological sites, some dating back as far as 5,000 years, and encompasses more of Alaska’s natural beauty than any other national park.

    In 2018, Alaska’s National Park Department hosted the first-ever National Heritage Walk for the Alaskan Public, a celebration of Alaska National Heritage and the region as a whole.

    On the evening of March 14, 2018, ANPS announced the opening of the ANPA’s first National Heritage Center, featuring the newest exhibit, The New World in Alaska: An Arctic Frontier Journey.

    This exhibit explores the impact of Alaska as an American national park on Alaska’s history and future.

    In addition to the National Heritage Centers, the Alaska Natural History Museum and the Alkali National Wildlife Refuge are also part of the National Park System.

    ANPA President Steve Hagen said the ANP has grown and matured as a result of the work of many volunteers and employees over the years.

    “Our National Heritage centers have served as the cornerstone of our work in the past,” Hagen told Buzzfeed.

    “The new National Heritage sites, as well as our ongoing programs for our guests, will continue to be a source of inspiration and enjoyment for our visitors.”

    The National Geophysical Data Center is a National Historic Landmark and was the first National Geographical Data Center in the United States.

    It houses the world’s largest digital archive of weather, climate, vegetation, and other environmental data.

    The Center has become a global hub for the science and exploration of climate change and the environment.

    The data center is a key element in the science-driven development of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which the world will host in Paris in December.

    The ANPA also serves as a hub for scientific research and research collaboration across all ANP lands.

    The National Geographic Society is an international nonprofit organization that inspires people around the world to discover, preserve, and share their knowledge.

    It encompasses more more than 150,000 people, many of whom work in a wide variety of roles, including the science, technology, and cultural communities.

    ANSA serves as the National Geographic Association’s flagship organization, serving the United State, the National Parks System, and the entire world.

    Learn more about Alaskas National Heritage:Alaska National Parks at the National Library of Medicine:Alkali-Alaska Heritage Center:For additional information, visit