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    A memorial dedicated to those killed in a bombing in the 1970s is in the works at Arlington National Park in Virginia.

    It’s part of a larger effort to remember the dead at Arlington.

    Arlington National Guard President Joe A. Sacco Jr. says the memorial would honor the fallen and their families and that the park’s community would be part of the process.

    “We want the community to come in, participate, and let the park know how they feel about the memorial,” he said.

    Sacco said the memorial will include memorial tablets for those killed or injured during the bombings.

    “It’s a place of peace and reflection.

    It’s also a place where the families of those who died can come and be with their loved ones.”

    The memorial would be located at Arlington’s Southside Cemetery.

    It will include a marker for the park and other Arlington National Heritage Sites, and a plaque to mark the 10-year anniversary of the attack.

    The memorial will be built around a granite pedestal that would stand about four feet tall.

    The pedestal would feature the names of the fallen members of the Arlington Guard and the names and photos of their families.

    The granite pedestals are used to display memorial tablets and other items from the Arlington cemetery.

    Saco said Arlington National Guardsmen, National Guard and Reserve members would participate in the memorial.

    The park has held memorials for more than a century, but the current effort is the largest in the country.