what i do for a living

4 year freelancer doing... what?

Let’s get down to the bottom of this…
There are  lot of ways to make money online.
I have been an online freelancer since july 2015,
However, I’ve had a blog with affiliate links,
about 2 years prior to that.
In this page you’ll see what I do now that
profits me- both direct active incomes, and passive.

about 60% of my income comes
from my work with etsy shops on fiverr

my first thought starting fiverr was-
what do people really need?

There are a lot of services on fiverr for Etsy shop owners, many people they can hire to take their product photos, write their product descriptions…

They also have awesome systems for SEO rankings and keywords. But, after working in the eCommerce niche for years I see so many people that just don’t know certain things they should be doing that could make them sell more.

And so- I set up the service you saw in the photo above.
A service in which I provide sellers with an overall look
on their shop and listings- from my point of view.
Going over keywords- but more teaching them my thought process
than giving them all the answers.
Going over their descriptions- and formatting it to them
in an order that would be more fluent for their users.
Giving photography ideas, as well as how I would feel as a potential buyer-
will I trust them? And if not- what they need to change for that that to happen!

To most of the clients who order my advice gig,
I provide additional services, like: write their about section text
rename their items, and design their logos & cover photos!

I also have a profile on Redbubble

Redbubble is a print on demand website that allows individual artists to design different everyday items, like: tshirts, tote bags, shower curtains, coffee mugs, kiss-cut stickers, and about 50 other products!

RedBubble can be a fairytale story, or a never ending nothing. You could upload a design and have it purchased that  same day, and you could go on years without making a sale.

The key is to treat it as a business-
set a page for your art- share your links with people, and get creative <3

The biggest appeal to me was that this is a great source for passive income- as once a designed in purchased- I don’t really do anything. 

"i also do that"

WordPress, SEO, Content writing,
Banner design, branding & more

It’s amazing how some how work finds you.
Back in 2015 I had a website for my business as a content writer. I built it.
3 days after updating my new business on Linkedin, I got a message from a former work-colleague of mine asking me who built my website.

I ended up building him 2 websites as well as managed his blogs for 2 years.

The key is to let people know you work online!

since i make my online business visible to people in my social channels
i’ve had many people contacting me in random –
they need someone to design a banner in a certain size for them,
or they want someone to check bugs in their wordpress websites-
and they all ask me-
do you know someone that can help me with that?

My answer is always- well, i can.

Impact Hub Bucharest - Fiverr lecture- 2016

this answer has given me so much!…
i have written blog posts for media companies,
i helped people set up their dropshipping businesses through Oberlo and Shopify,
i designed so many custom graphics for businesses and private people
as well as given lectures in different places in the world, about marketing a business, making money on fiverr, setting up an etsy shop, and more!

the key is to never stop learning
constantly expanding your skills
& trying new things!

i'm an affiliate.

in simple terms- an affiliate is a person that gets commission whenever a link they provided- created a transaction.

i’ve been an affiliate since 2013,
i affiliate some major shopping websites like ali-express and etsy,
and i’ve had different blogs throughout the years,
in different niches like: pets, weddings, home decor and more!
the most profitable website I had is
The Women Team
a 4 year website that i sort of stopped updating-
but the hundreds of blog posts on it with etsy & aliexpress affiliate links- are still making me money!

the goal of passive income

at the end of the day, i don't want to work with clients for the rest of my life.

my goal is to use my skills and knowledge to create more passive-income options.
that means- spending more time on my redbubble designs, as well as creating an etsy shop for printable items.

seeing how my 4-years-inactive-website is still making me money- i am also exploring new affiliate programs and constantly setting up landing pages in different niches to see which niche converts better.

i am also working on sharing my knowledge more!

if what you do interests other people-
you’ll be able to make money from what you know!

so, in the next few years i will be setting up online courses
on wordpress, content writing, graphic design
and anything else i ever did- to make money as i travel!

if you’re interested in seeing my redbubble designs,
visiting my very-new etsy shop, or in checking out
my instagram or fiverr profiles- you’ll find all those links below.

thank you for reading!