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    The FA is preparing to cut the number of World Cup matches at a crucial juncture, amid growing fears that the global tournament is being used to promote a narrow, self-interested commercial agenda.

    Key points:Fifa says it wants to be “a global club” and is not interested in bidding for more World CupsThe World Cup is seen as the best way for the sport to become more inclusive and more globally connectedThe Australian Financial Press understands that the FFA is also considering cutting the number or even cancelling the World Cup altogether.

    While it is still unclear exactly what the FASA’s decision will mean for football, it could mean more matches are played overseas.

    “We’re looking at a number of different options, including a number in the region of a few thousand, with some of them potentially going as far as one hundred thousand,” FFA chief executive David Gallop told reporters.

    “That would be a very significant number of games that would be played overseas and we would be looking at that.”

    Gallop said he had been in discussions with a number stakeholders over the last few days and the discussion was continuing.

    “It is a very challenging time for us,” he said.

    “Obviously it is something we want to avoid but we do need to have the balance right and the right balance in the world, which is that we need to be inclusive, that we don’t discriminate on the basis of country of origin.”

    But while the FAN’s concerns are legitimate, Gallop said the FAs biggest priority was ensuring the World Cups continued to be played in the best sporting conditions.

    “The main concern we have is ensuring that it’s the best possible game that we can play, with the best players,” he told reporters on Thursday.

    “In terms of the stadiums we want and the stadiums that are there, that is our main concern.”

    There are a number that are good stadiums, we just need to get them out there.

    “I think the FCA are working very hard and there is a lot of energy to ensure that that’s the case.”

    Gallo said he believed that the World Championships would be an “entirely unique event” in the future, adding that the sport was already on a path to become a global event.

    “Our primary focus is on the World Championship and we will continue to look at all options to ensure it continues to be the best experience that we have,” he added.

    “This World Cup will have the potential to be more globally relevant.”

    What’s in store for the next World Cup?

    The FFA has previously said that it is considering the idea of hosting a second World Cup in 2028, in the hope of attracting the world’s best players from across the globe.

    “At the moment, we’re looking for venues that will host multiple matches and that will give us the ability to make that happen,” Gallop explained.

    “But the priority for us is to make sure that we make sure we are making sure we have the best games that we could.”

    As we look at the World Games in 2024, 2019, 2020 and 2025, that’s obviously a very important goal for us, but it’s not our only focus.

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