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10 Things to Sell on Fiverr if You're a Graphic Designer

This is my online-life list

A list of companies/people that I follow, online tools I use, in my work and in my travels. 

If you have any important links you think should be here- please contact me and let me know what they are- maybe I’ll add them 🙂

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Online tools

I can’t even begin to describe the awesomeness of this online graphic design tool!

Canva is a website with free templates, that allows you to design practically anything- FB covers, Logos, weekly planners, wall art, Infographics, Restaurant menus, and so much more ! (including just designing based on custom measurements.). 

It has a free membership and paid plans, and it’s pretty much always open on my browser 🙂

Be Funky is also an online editing and design tool, but unlike Canva- it’s amazing for quick photo editing, with effects like Watercolor photos, Oil painting, even turning photos into comic-book-style photos. 

It’s not a free membership, like Canva, but the plans are quite affordable- about $7 per month, or less when billed annually. 

HTML color codes is a great website for professional designers, as well as beginners. 
It has one of the best tools to find HTML color codes from photos you have, giving you a quick fix to knowing what colors are in any photo you have (or received from a client). 

Their free color code from photo tool is right HERE.

Travel related

Airbnb is a great online platform to find apartments to stay all over the world.
The concept is simple- people rent out their homes, or spare rooms, to tourists coming by for a day, a week, a month, or more. 
It’s a great way to stay in a cozy homey place- all over the world!

If you’ve never used AirBNB before- use this link to get $43 discount (based on Airbnb terms of service)

The Man in Seat 61 is a great travel blog by Mark Smith. 
In it- you’ll find useful information on transport solutions all across the world. 
Check out his website here: The man in Seat 61

Owned by travel blogger Skye Class- SkyeTravels is a blog about Skye’s personal travels around the world. 
I love referring people to this blog since it often gives them answers to questions i can’t help with. I don’t travel light, I can’t stay in Hostels, and everyone who’s looking for affordable and cheap travel experience- will not find it with me. They’d find it with Skye Travels

Owned by female solo traveler and digital nomad Tal Bright, Bright Nomad is a great place to start exploring the digital nomad lifestyle. 
Tal includes a lot of detailed information on the destinations she visits- and if you’re looking into starting your digital nomad experience- check out her blog Bright Nomad now! 

Chris The Freelancer is somewhat of a famous Digital Nomad, with dozens of digital nomad Youtube videos in the course of 3 years. 

In his channels he Vlogged about different destinations, in such a descriptive manner that they are somewhat of a how-to-guide for that Digital nomad destination. 

Even though he stopped uploading new videos, his channels is still one of my favorites! 
Check out his videos HERE

One digital nomad I’ve been following for quite sometime now is Shelly Agam.
Traveling as a couple with a cute little dog- Agam is telling the story of the places the 3 go and visit, including highly recommended destinations like Bansko, Bulgaria!

Check out her AgamDNA blog for more on where she goes and what she does!

Developing skills

Udemy is an online course academy with courses on… well… Everything!
They have courses as low as several dollars, including free ones, and as high as hundreds of dollars.
If you’re thinking about learning a skill to help you set up an online business- Udemy would be a good place to start. 

Fiverr, the online platform for selling $5 services- is no longer for just $5, and you could get way more there than just a new logo. 

A special part of Fiverr, Fiverr Learn, is dedicated to spot-on business courses- to help you with your business, as well as to become a freelancer yourself. 
Check out Fiverr’s Courses, or read more about them- HERE

If you’re looking to set up a wordpress website- WP Beginner is the place to find the information you’ll need!
Along with step-by-step tutorials, they are also my personal leading blog to finding answers on certain bugs, plugins and more.

POD services

One of my favorite POD services- allowing you to add your designs to over 60 products- and once sold – these items will be made and shipped by RedBubble and you’ll get your commission every 15th of the month. 

I’ve been selling on Redbubble for over 3 years now, check out my profile for inspiration ! 

Society6 offers a service much like RedBubble, but there are slight changes in the products each one of these POD services provide.
You can check out the new and exciting products on Society6 and maybe even- open a profile in both Society6 and Redbubble. 

Much like printful and Printify, Gooten is a POD service that’s great for integrating with Etsy, Woocommerce, Shopify and more. 
However, they also have some products unique to them, like fridge magnets, pin-back buttons and more!
Visit Gooten to learn more about the trending items they can provide for you!

This POD has been in the game for many years now, integrating with major online commerce platforms (Etsy, Shopify, Woocommerce) and providing a variety of product printing, including embroidery! 
Visit Printful to see the full scope of the products and pricing. 

Online communities

One of my favorite groups and online communities is the Digital Nomads Israel group on Facebook, owned by Nimrod Dean (where is Dean) Kuchel, and now has over 8000 people who are obsessed with sharing knowledge on traveling and working online 🙂

One of my favorite online women communities is Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs.

Women with online and offline based businesses from all over the world share their thoughts, motivation and goals!

I joined this group the first time I visited Bucharest, Romania, and never left it. 
It’s a group of people from CouchSurfing and a lot of Expats living in Bucharest, who share information about events, apts, and a lot more. 

If you’re an expat in Bucharest or planning to nomad there- join the group 🙂

Another group of women I like is Productivity Boosters – for Female Entrepreneurs. 

I love this group so much due to the flow of it- using hashtags, members of the group share daily what they have accomplished, what’s on their agenda, an who they are 🙂

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