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    Tomahawks Nation, the popular sports bar owned by former President Tomahawked, has a national day tomorrow and is offering a free pint to anyone who signs up to the “Dogs on the Run” Facebook page.

    “We are happy to announce that our beer and spirits menu is on the line for tomorrow night’s National Day of Action,” reads the Facebook post from Tomahaws Owner Joe Haines.

    “A pint of Tomaharkon is a great way to show your support for the cause, and is sure to bring you closer to the people that have been so supportive of our cause.”

    The post is signed by Tomahays Executive Director Mark Moulton and features an image of a smiling, tomahawk-clad Tomahakos logo with the words, “Tomahawk’s on the run.”

    Hainets Facebook post is followed by a video from the popular Tomahookers YouTube channel.

    “DOGS ON THE RUN” will be held at 1 p.m.

    EST, with the event’s livestream being available on the “NFL Nation” YouTube channel and Tomahaks official Instagram account.