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    Australian restaurant association CEO Richard D’Aquino says the restaurant industry is facing a new kind of nationalism that has no place in the 21st century.

    Key points:D’Aquila says he’s concerned about the impact on the industry and his staffMr D’Ansario says he feels the government is trying to “politicise” the industryMr D”Ansari says he hopes that Australians will come to terms with the new breed of nationalism Mr D’Antoni says he wants to see more restaurants adopt Australian brandsMr Dalla-Salaam says he is disappointed at the Government’s attitudeMr Dailaspanan says it’s not a bad idea to bring more Australians into the industryD’Ansa has launched a petition on urging the Government to make it a “national restaurant” and remove restrictions on foreign ownershipD’Antonella says he will be working with Australian restaurants to see if the Government will support his requestMr Della-Saloam says the industry is suffering under the pressure of government interferenceMr Dannesola says the Government has been doing “nothing” for the industry Mr DallaSalaam says Australians need to be more vocal about their support for Australian restaurantsMr Dilla-Salsaam says Australia needs to support the national restaurant industryMr Deantonella and DallaSalaams will meet with the Federal Government on Monday to discuss the issue.

    “We are talking to the Minister of Trade, Trade and Industry about this,” Mr DellaSala said.

    “They need to do something about it.

    It’s very important.

    It will be a big issue.”

    Mr Dello-Sallama said he was concerned about how the Government was attempting to politicise the industry.

    “I think it’s a shame that this is what the Australian people are facing today,” he said.

    “The Government is doing nothing for the national dining industry.”

    “If they are going to do nothing, we should do nothing.”

    Mr DeAntonello said he hoped the Government would “take this opportunity to have a conversation” with Australian business and get back to business as usual.

    “If we are going back to normal, we will see what the Government does with the issue,” he told 3AW.

    “And we will do it by all means, but I would like to see a change in attitude.”

    There’s a lot of things we want to see happen.

    “Mr Aquino said the Government needed to listen to the restaurant community.”

    The Government has not listened to the people who are making up the Australian restaurant community,” he warned.”

    So if the people want to change, they will have to come to us and get their voice heard.

    “And if we don’t listen to them, then we will not have a country that we want.”