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    National Restaurant Association members voted Wednesday to put forward a proposed framework that would require restaurants to disclose certain food safety risks and provide the same information to the public.

    The group’s proposed framework would also include requirements for restaurants to conduct food safety audits and disclose ingredients and food ingredients that are made with genetically modified organisms.

    In a statement, the association said it wants to expand transparency in food safety, including through the use of publicly available data.

    The organization said it is concerned about a lack of accountability and that businesses and consumers have been left with insufficient information on how their food is produced and stored.

    “The National Restaurant Council believes that public health and safety should be the priority and that all Americans should have access to accurate and up-to-date information on food safety,” the group said in a statement.

    The proposal comes as a wave of food scares have swept the country.

    Last month, the FDA released a draft guidelines for labeling food with genetically engineered ingredients, including genetically modified corn, soybeans and wheat.

    But in a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the NRC said it believes those guidelines do not adequately address the issues of transparency and food safety.

    The draft guidance would include new requirements for labeling products made with ingredients and ingredients that have been modified using an approved gene transfer method, the group wrote.

    It also proposes the establishment of a food safety committee that would be tasked with reviewing food safety data, including data on ingredients and additives, and reviewing food labeling requirements.

    The proposed framework calls for a greater transparency mandate, which the NRA said would include requiring public disclosure of ingredients and other food safety information, such as ingredient lists.

    The NRC also proposed establishing a Food Safety Advisory Board to advise the agency on food labeling and product safety, as well as a food labeling website, which would be designed to enable consumers to track their products and to access food safety statistics.


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