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    More than one million people took part in the World Cup’s celebrations in the Indian Ocean, which began on Friday with the opening ceremony, followed by the ceremony of the final match between Brazil and Argentina on Sunday.

    In a ceremony at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the flag-bearers wore traditional Indian outfits, including the headdress of the goddess Lakshmi, the traditional Indian headdress and a kurta – the traditional cloak.

    The flag-carriers also took part with some of the most popular Indian dance moves.

    At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Indian flag was hoisted, followed closely by the flag of the nation of India, which also featured on the back of the team bus.

    Ahead of the match, the captain of the India team, Ajit Agarwal, said the country was proud to welcome the host nation to the world stage.

    “This is a huge opportunity for India and we are honoured to be here.

    We are really excited about this opportunity.

    We have to play well.

    We will do our best to win the game,” he said.

    The World Cup has been the world’s largest sporting event since 2002, with the biggest games in football, tennis and boxing.

    In his address to the Indian people, President Pranab Mukherjee said that the country would play its part in hosting the next World Cup.

    “The World Cups are an opportunity to unite nations and countries of the world.

    And I hope that the Indian cricket team will take the opportunity to play together with its partners from all over the world in a friendly atmosphere,” he added.

    He also promised to take steps to ensure the success of the Indian athletes and the people.