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    Arizona, one of the most scenic places in the country, is in the grip of an epic winter storm.

    The storm has already made life difficult for many of its residents and residents are preparing for it.

    The National Weather Service says the winter storm will affect Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Arizona’s northern border with Mexico and southern California as well as parts of New Mexico, Nevada and California.

    The storm has made it difficult for motorists and the National Weather Center says drivers in Arizona, California and New Mexico will see more snow and ice on highways, while residents in California will likely see a lot more rain.

    It is a long winter for many parts of the country.

    In Arizona, the temperature will be well below freezing, making winter driving difficult and even hazardous.

    Snow accumulations could reach 20 inches in the mountains of Arizona, according to the National Forecasters.

    Drivers in New Mexico and Nevada are also going to be dealing with much more snow, and a significant number of drivers in the northern part of the state could be stranded if the storm reaches their area.

    The snowfall totals are forecast to reach 10 inches in New York, 20 inches on the New England coast and 20 inches across the Pacific Northwest.

    In Arizona, about 25% of the people in the state will be without power by Monday morning, according the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

    Power outages are expected to last up to two weeks.

    Arizona has a long history of extreme weather.

    In addition to the snow and cold, the storm will bring some rain and hail, including some that could be severe enough to make the streets slippery, according a National Weather Office bulletin.

    The National Weather Bureau also warned that roads could be slippery, with several states reporting mudslides in some areas.

    The Weather Service also said it was looking into whether or not some roads could reopen for the first time in several years.