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    The first of three national day of the new generation of national daughters, a day of celebration dedicated to the empowerment of young women, has been launched in Australia.

    A$15 million will be invested to ensure the future of young Australian women.

    The funds will be raised through a scholarship program, a national day, an education fund and a dedicated day for all young Australians, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

    Key points:A$150 million will provide grants for young Australians to pursue a higher education degreeA$30 million will support a scholarship fund to help new Australian women to study abroadFor more than 100 years, the day has been celebrated in Australia, as part of National Girls Day, but the $15 million commitment is the largest of its kind in the world.

    The day is being celebrated in the same way it is in many other countries, with the traditional flag of Australia flown at half-mast on the national flagpole, a symbol of unity.

    “This day is not just about our children, it is about the future generations of young Australians and it is a day that will make a difference in their lives,” Mr Turnbull said in a statement.

    “We know that young people are the most vulnerable in society and we know that for every young Australian that chooses to go on to university, more than three children will need support.”

    National daughters day is about raising money for scholarships for young Australian students and supporting them in their studies.

    “The day will also feature a day to remember young Australians who have made significant contributions to their communities.

    The government said it will provide scholarships to help young Australians get a first-class education, to help them to secure a job and to support them to have a better quality of life.

    The prime minister said the funding will be used for grants to help students get a higher degree and to provide scholarships for a variety of financial support.

    It will also include support for Indigenous and local youth in particular, the statement said.”

    They need it to go out and work, and that’s where these scholarships will be helping young people.””

    We know they need support to get ahead.

    They need it to go out and work, and that’s where these scholarships will be helping young people.”

    The government has pledged $1 billion to boost the number of scholarships available to young Australians.

    The National Scholarships Council will also be tasked with reviewing the scholarship system to ensure it meets all the criteria.