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    Kid Nation has a lot going for it, and it’s a very popular franchise in the UK.

    There’s also the fact that the series was made for children and that the show is a really good show to watch for anyone.

    It’s a classic British TV show, but with a new twist, and a lot more content than it ever had before.

    Read More The series was created in 1999 by James Marsters, who later went on to create a successful live-action show, The Simpsons.

    The show was created by Peter Jackson, who also produced the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and featured the likes of Bill Murray, Will Arnett, Sam Neill and John Leguizamo, as well as an abundance of other actors.

    The series has been watched by millions of children, with many parents wanting to watch their kids live in an imaginary world that is similar to their own.

    The shows popularity was so great that it was given a second series, The Lord of The Rings: The Next Trilogy, which aired in 2002 and 2003.

    The new series The Kid Nation returns to the same set-up, but this time, it will take place in a fictional world, called the Kid Nation, with a cast of characters that are mostly teenagers.

    It is set in an alternate universe, and we will see how the world is different this time around.

    So what is it all about?

    There is an amazing world of wonder that exists in the Kid World, with the likes and the bad guys that roam the land.

    There are magical creatures, a lot of magic, and of course, there is a lot that’s just plain creepy.

    There is a whole cast of famous people that appear in the show.

    There has also been an influx of new faces to the series, as the series has evolved and the actors have gone on to become even more popular in their own right.

    This is the fifth season of the show, which is currently running on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom.

    Here’s everything you need to know about the series so you can start enjoying the latest episodes right away.

    The Kid World The Kidworld is a world that’s entirely fictional.

    The world itself is called the “Kid Nation”, and there are five main towns in the world called “Houses”, which are all built around the Kidworld, each with a very different feel.

    The first house is called House A, which was built in the middle of the Kid world, and houses a number of characters, including a child that will be introduced in the first episode of the series.

    The second house is House B, which houses the Kid’s boss, and the third house is the Kid and his girlfriend, House C. The fourth house is named House D, and House E, and house B houses a new gang of villains called the Groms, who will be appearing in the fourth season of The Kid.

    The fifth house is known as House F, which has no resident, and is known only as “The Kid”.

    The Kid is an alien from another world who wants to be in this world to create an artificial planet, so he’s going to send a robot, the “Robot”, to the KidWorld to help him do it.

    He’s been sent to the Planet X, where there is an artificial sun that is the source of the power that powers the planet.

    The planet’s sun is dying, and this robot is going to help bring it back to life.

    The robot is named “Groms” because the Groma are a species of alien, and they’re also called “Robots”.

    The Grom is going around to all the houses in the city of House A to send out a robotic to do a certain job for him.

    They’re not exactly the best looking robot, and he’s got a bunch of problems.

    There also is an army of robots called the Kroms who are sent out to the world to take down the Kid, who is also the leader of the Kroma, and to destroy all the other worlds that have the same power as House A. The Robot The Robot is an old-fashioned robot that’s very much part of the world that you are in, but he’s also very different from any of the other robots.

    He looks just like you, but is actually a different species, one that has different body parts and personalities.

    The character of Grom has always been the focal point of the whole show, and his personality is very much the main thing that drives the show on a lot.

    He is the only robot that you can trust, and you can’t trust anyone else, even if you are trying to protect yourself.

    There have been a number new faces appearing in The Kid this time round, including the star of the new series, Bill Murray.

    Murray has played Grom in the past, so it was really nice to have him return as Grom.

    Murray’s return is also a