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    Kenyans should not fear the country’s security forces, the president said Friday.

    The president made the comments in a statement released Friday, after a series of attacks by al-Qaida militants killed at least 10 people in Kenya.

    Kenyathas leaders had previously expressed concern about security, saying they should be able to do what they want with the people in their custody.

    Kenya’s National Guard is in the midst of a crackdown on terrorist groups that includes the arrest of the leader of al-Qaeda’s North Africa branch, Ayman al-Zawahiri, in the capital, Nairobi.

    Kenya has said the al-Shabab militant group is plotting to attack Kenya.

    Last week, Kenyan police arrested a man wanted in connection with the attacks in Nairobs, including the killing of a senior military officer in the city.

    The man was in the country as part of a United Nations mission, according to the United Nations Mission in Somalia (UNISOM), which oversees Kenya.

    Kenya was one of the countries targeted by al -Shababa in 2015, with more than 2,400 Kenyan troops killed.

    The attacks in the Westgate shopping mall and the subsequent death of a soldier at a security checkpoint prompted Kenyadans to call for greater security, and Prime Minister Raila Odinga said that if his government failed to act, then the country would go to war.

    Odinga, who is running for a fourth term in office, said in a Friday statement that Kenya was in a state of war with the al -Qaeda group, which is fighting for a self-styled caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria.

    “The situation in Kenya has been worsened by the continued threat of terrorism and extremism,” he said.

    Odingan’s statement said the country was facing a state-sponsored threat from al -Sham and that al – Shabab’s attacks would continue unless Kenyan leaders acted.

    Odinga also said he would visit Nairobin, where he will meet with Kenyan leaders.

    Kenyan Prime Minister Kigali Kenyatt has said he will not seek a fourth consecutive term in the election due to his health issues.


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