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    Sierra National Forests in Oregon and California are hosting a live nation flag contest, and the company that runs the event is hoping you’ll give some cash to help them keep the tradition alive.

    The Sierra National Park Association announced Thursday it’s partnering with Live Nation to host a national flag contest at the iconic National Forest, with the hope of bringing national pride back to America’s forests.

    The live nation contest will feature more than 20 live flag-raising events over the next month, with a grand prize winner to be announced by July 11.

    The contest will be hosted by Live Nation’s subsidiary, Live Nation Media, and will also be streamed live on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms.

    The National Park Foundation will also host the live nation competition, which will include live flag raising, live music, an award ceremony, an audience Q&A and more.

    Participants will be able to donate $100 cash to the park’s national park fund.

    The contest is open to the public, and can be entered at Live

    Sierra National Park says it has a history of flag-raisers, and this year’s contest is the first to use live music.

    It also announced Thursday that Live Nation will be the host of the live event.

    The park association is also planning to host its own live national flag-building event in 2018, but the park board has yet to decide whether to make that a priority.

    The event will be livestreamed on Live Nation, and organizers say they hope to have a live flag at the contest by June 2018.

    Live Nation, which also owns YouTube, Facebook and other video platforms, is a sponsor of the competition.