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    If you’ve been looking for a way to remove a Google Play listing from your home screen, now might be the time.

    Google has updated its Play store app, allowing you to remove live nation listings from the home screen by tapping on a blue icon and tapping the Remove button.

    This is a big deal because Google is one of the most prominent live-nation sellers on the Play store.

    It makes sense for Google to remove listings that are currently in the app, since the app has grown into a platform that people use frequently to purchase content and apps, and this is a huge market that Google wants to expand.

    The only catch is that you have to do it manually, since you can’t just tap on the Live Nation icon and see a list of all the live-national listings.

    There’s no option to uninstall or change listings, so you’ll have to manually delete the listings.

    Google says that the changes should be live within 24 hours, and that users can request the changes manually.

    You can find the changes on the Google Play Store page.

    If you’re new to the app or don’t have any of the listed live-nations, you can easily check out the list of Live Nation listings on Google Play.


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