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    You know what this is?

    It’s Destiny: the Taken King.

    This is a new expansion that’s been confirmed for launch on September 13, and it’s the second major expansion in the series.

    This time around, the story is a big change.

    Destiny: Trespasser is the third major expansion for Destiny 2, which is already a big deal.

    It’s a game that’s only been around for six years and is set in a post-apocalyptic world.

    So when Bungie announced Destiny:Trespasser back in December, it made a lot of people a little nervous.

    In an interview with Eurogamer, game director Jason Jones said the game’s story and setting would be different.

    “It’s not the same story as Destiny,” Jones said.

    “We don’t have the same kind of gameplay, we’re not having the same sort of meta-game.”

    The same applies to the characters.

    Trespassing is a very different experience than the story missions you’ll find in the game.

    There are new locations, new characters, new abilities, new gear, new weapons, new locations.

    You’ll even be able to take on a new boss to face off against.

    But there are some big changes too.

    First, Trespass will have a new type of weapon called the Dreadnought.

    It’ll be a heavy, two-handed, dual-purpose weapon.

    It can hit from the side, or the front, or both.

    “What it really does is give you the ability to take a few extra hits to knock your enemies down,” Jones explained.

    “The weapon can also have a range of up to four meters and will do a lot more damage than before.

    The Dreadnaught is one of the new additions in the Taken Kingdom expansion.

    It has a secondary fire mode, and you can throw it around the map.

    It will be a very useful tool, because now it will be able be used for a lot higher damage than you would have before.”

    Trespassed also introduces the new character and skill tree.

    You’re now able to choose from two classes: the Hunter and the Titan.

    These two classes will be used to build up your character’s abilities and weapons.

    You can unlock the Titan subclass in Trespasse, and the Hunter subclass in Destiny 2.

    The Hunter and Titan skills will give you access to the new Titan abilities, including the new Dreadnoughts and new Heavy weapons.

    “Trespass is not the only thing that’s changed in Destiny, and I’d say there’s not really a lot to complain about in terms of gameplay,” Jones told Eurogamer.

    “But it does make you feel a bit more like you’re in a different world.”

    You can take part in a few new events and new PvP arenas, and there’s also a new item called the Legendary Light.

    This piece of gear lets you boost your damage output by 15%, and it also makes you immune to all status effects.

    “So you get a lot out of that Legendary Light, which will give me a boost in damage, and then you can get your weapons back, and your character will become a lot stronger,” Jones continued.

    “I’d say that’s really helpful for a new player.”

    If you’re looking to get a taste of Trespasses new content, you can play Trespassy on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from September 12 to October 3.

    Bungie hasn’t announced any other new content for Trespassian, so keep an eye out for more details in the coming weeks.

    Destiny 2 will also come with a new multiplayer mode, Destiny 2: Forsaken.

    The game will be split into two separate games, Destiny and Forsaken.

    Destiny’s multiplayer mode will be called Raid Finder, and will be designed to take advantage of all of the changes from the previous expansions.

    The Forsaken’s mode will also have two modes: Raid Finder and Heroic.

    “Raid Finder will be the more challenging of the two modes, with more of a focus on PvP and other more competitive activities,” Bungie explained.

    There will be three types of raid: Normal, Heroic, and Mythic.

    Normal and Heroic raids will give players an extra challenge while Mythic raids will be more forgiving.

    “There are more challenges in Mythic, but the difficulty will still be the same,” Bungie said.

    There’s also new weapons that you’ll be able pick up and use.

    There’ll be an assortment of weapons, and they’re a lot different from what you’re used to in the original game.

    You will get access to weapons like the Excalibur, the new Blacksword, and even new special weapons.

    If you’ve been wondering where you can find these weapons, you’ll have to look for them in the new Forsaken game.

    “In Forsaken, you will be using all new weapons,” Bungie added.

    “All of the weapons you have access to from the original Destiny, including new ones.”

    In the new expansion, you won