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    You can have your own awesome logo in your future!

    We’ve got a bunch of designs and inspiration for you to pick from, from the likes of the LA Angels to the Great Barrier Reef.

    If you’re not sure what you want to do with the new logo, we’ve got some great tips to help you along.


    Pick a cool colour scheme to use to give it your own unique flavour 2.

    Choose a design with a strong connection to your theme and theme park.

    This could be your own name or a brand you’ve been trying to get over.


    Pick one of the three main characters, the mascot or a familiar face.


    Pick the size of the logo and how many letters it needs to be to fit in the logo font size.


    Use a different colour for each letter.

    For example, instead of using a blue logo with a yellow font, you could use a darker grey with a blue font.


    If your logo has a ‘joke’ logo (like a red dot) or a logo with ‘c’ in the middle, choose an alternate colour to make it stand out.


    Check out the various designs for inspiration on the subreddit.


    Choose the typeface you want your logo to be and make sure you can’t lose the design in the end.


    Find a colour that matches the theme you’re trying to evoke.


    Try to keep the size small to avoid confusing other visitors with your new logo.