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    The U.S. government has officially acknowledged it’s ready to use biological agents in a major war with North Korea, a move that could put the country’s leaders under intense scrutiny for what they’ve done and the consequences of their actions.

    But even if the military doesn’t use biological weapons, the Obama administration isn’t saying so publicly, according to a new report.

    According to the Associated Press, the Pentagon recently declassified a declassified report outlining its plans to use a bioweapon to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who was last seen on March 5.

    The report says the U.K.-based research company CryoTech will develop the weapon in the United States.

    The Pentagon has been mum about its intentions, but the report notes that a potential bioweacontainment facility could be set up near an American airport.

    “The [Defense] Department’s National Security Strategy is clear: ‘No nation should possess weapons of mass destruction.

    But if they do, the United Kingdom, the US and other allies should be prepared to use their military power to deter or defeat them,'” the report reads.

    “The United States and other countries are committed to protecting ourselves from the spread of these weapons and to deter the use of such weapons.

    For example, if a threat to the United State exists, the U,S. “

    It is important to note that this strategy does not preclude use of force in self-defense.

    For example, if a threat to the United State exists, the U,S.

    military would have the ability to act in accordance with its laws and national security to protect our homeland.”

    According to a White House statement, the strategy states that the U;s military will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs and will take appropriate actions.

    The strategy says that it’s important for the U to take all necessary steps to protect ourselves from North Korea and its threats.

    “The strategy states the U will not seek to directly engage in military conflict with North Korean forces, as North Korea has been doing for years, but will seek to contain their weapons programs.

    North Korea has made the world nervous since it launched its sixth nuclear test last year, prompting the U.”s response by deploying thousands of troops and thousands of missiles, including the latest ICBM, to the peninsula.

    The North has threatened to strike the U., Japan and South Korea with nuclear weapons if necessary.