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    National flags are a great way to honor your country’s history, but if you have a Confederate Flag hanging over your home, you can change it to a National Flag of Robert E. Lee.

    Here’s how to do it.1.

    Cut a piece of fabric to about 2 feet wide and 2 inches deep.

    Wrap the fabric around the flag.

    Cut the length of the flag in half, making it about 5 inches tall.

    Cut it into a rectangle about the size of a golf ball.2.

    Make the rectangle a circle.

    Take one half of the rectangle and lay it on the counter.

    Put your marker on the flag, as shown above, and draw a line from the center of the circle to the bottom of the piece of cloth.3.

    Lay a sheet of plastic wrap over the flag and tape it down around the edges.

    Put the rectangle back on the wall.4.

    Cut out the stripes on the sides of the cloth and make a small rectangle of the same size as the flag piece.

    Place the rectangle under the plastic wrap and tie the ends together.

    Use two lengths of white electrical tape to secure it.5.

    Tape a knot on the ends of the white tape to hold it in place.

    The knot should not go too far down, as the white will stretch out as it hangs.6.

    Hang the flag from the top of the house, but make sure to place the cloth in the center.

    To make it hang higher, attach the knot to a small piece of rope.

    The flag can then be removed and put in a box, where it can be easily stored.

    The bottom of a box will allow you to place it on a shelf, or it can hang on the side of the carport.7.

    Use a hammer or the butt end of a hammer to flatten the rectangle into a square.8.

    Wrap it around the base of the window and secure with a piece the same width as the rectangle.

    The fabric should be snug enough to fit through the hole.9.

    Fold the bottom half of each side over to form a triangle, and cut out a knot at the end to secure the triangle.10.

    Wrap a knot around the bottom right corner and tie it down with tape.

    The top and bottom of each triangle should be facing in the same direction.

    The flag can be stored in a cool, dry place, like the attic.

    You can make it even cooler with a custom flag.

    This is the flag of a friend or family member, or a friend who has a friend with the same flag.