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    National security expert Dr Michael Lacey says that, despite the US government’s insistence that there’s nothing wrong with singing the national song, it’s hard to avoid the inevitable conclusion that the US is going to end up playing a national anthem.

    “The US is the only country in the world that does not have the option to play a national song,” Dr Lacey told ABC News.

    “If the US wanted to do so, they would have had to play it, and that would have been a pretty big problem.”

    Dr Lacey said the anthem is a “pretty good symbol for a country”.

    “It’s a powerful symbol that shows patriotism,” he said.

    “It also makes you think: ‘Wow, what am I doing here?'”

    Dr Lacy said that playing the anthem might be a good idea if there’s something to it.

    But if you’ve never been to a sporting event before, or if you’re not used to the sound of a national team song, then it might not be the best idea.

    Dr Lacing said it’s best not to go to sporting events where the national team is playing, unless you’re there as a spectator.

    “You don’t want to go out into the streets, but if you are in a stadium where the players are playing the national-team anthem, it might be worth going out and seeing,” he explained.

    He said it would be better if people took time to go on a journey to see the sporting events they’re going to.

    “When you go to a sports event you want to be part of the action,” Dr Rhea said.

    Dr Rheta, who works as a medical doctor in Sydney, said the best way to avoid going to sporting sporting events with the national flag on was to wear an alternative flag.

    “I have a bit of a bit-out, so I’m not a fan of the American flag.

    But I will wear the Australian flag on my lapel,” she said.

    But, like Dr Lacerys, Dr Rhett said she’d rather be outside with a flag and anthem than wearing one and the anthem.

    She said if she had to pick, the best time to do it was when the players were playing.

    “People are probably going to be watching and cheering anyway,” she explained.

    “So you’re better off just sitting in your car, going somewhere with the flag and the national motto.”