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    If you’re looking for a quick escape from the Grand Canyons national park in California, this article might be for you.

    The National Park Service says the Grand canyon is the only place in the country where people can’t get in or out without breaking the law.

    “No one can get in the park without breaking one of the five cardinal rules, the rules for driving,” said spokeswoman Lisa Thompson.

    But if you’re planning on visiting the Grand Chase, there are other ways to avoid the canyon.


    If you don’t plan on going for the night, take advantage of the weather.

    A storm can break the park’s closed roads for a few hours a day, so get out as early as possible.


    Stay away from the park, and don’t go near the Grand Creek, but instead avoid the main canyon and get out of the way of the other cars heading in the opposite direction.


    Watch out for bears and other wildlife.

    If you’re not prepared, you could be hit by a car, hit by lightning or possibly hurt in a crash.

    And if you do get hit, there is a simple fix: get out and take pictures. 


    You can get out the front of the Grand Deway, which is where the park stops visitors from going into the canyon during the daytime, Thompson said.

    The other way to get out is to get off the road and walk a few yards to the side of the road.

    This way, you can see the canyon from the other side.3.

    The park will open for visitors at 4 p.m.

    For a complete list of the park rules, visit

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