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    Fox Nation is hosting its new National Datsychological Day event on Saturday, April 13, to celebrate the new season of Family Guy.

    The event, called “Dads,” will feature a live DJ set, family-themed games and trivia, and “an exciting new segment on Fox Nation called ‘Boyfriend Day,'” Fox Nation CEO and President David Ault told CNNMoney.

    “This event will feature all-new humor and new entertainment for your family and friends.

    This event is about celebrating the love of dadhood and it will bring all of your favorite dads together,” he said.”

    Dads” is a popular theme in Family Guy, a series that centers on a group of “dad-less” characters.

    It has inspired dozens of movies, TV shows, and commercials, including Family Guy: The Movie and Family Guy Beyond.

    The series has become a hit for advertisers.

    Fox Nation has made $25 million in annual advertising since its premiere, according to Kantar Media, with advertisers spending more than $9 million on the show.

    The channel is also making $25.5 million from advertising for the week ending April 13.

    “Our mission at Fox Nation and Fox Nation Dads is to give dads and families the best content possible to celebrate and connect, while also supporting the growing business of FOX Nation,” Ault said.

    “We will bring new dads and dads together and offer them a chance to connect and enjoy their favorite movies, sports and more.”

    The event will take place on and at the Fox Family Entertainment Club, a venue located at the end of the Fox Nation parking lot.

    The hosts will include Adam Sandler, David Aults, and Dana Carvey, who will also be performing live.

    The event will be presented by Fox Nation, and is free to attend.

    The show, which is being called “Family Dads,” is not affiliated with Fox.

    The “DADS” live DJ is hosted by DJ ZZ Top, who is best known for performing at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

    The theme for the show is “Love Dads.”

    The theme song for the episode is “I’m Ready.”

    The segment will feature comedian/comedian Jason Mraz.

    Aults and Ault will be joined by Carvey and his wife, singer-songwriter Sarah Silverman, to play music.

    The guests for “Duds” include: David Aulsen, Jay Z, Lady Gaga, and Justin Timberlake.

    The host will also feature guests including Jason Alexander, Tom Hanks, and Amy Schumer.

    The new episode will air on Saturday at 8 p.m.

    ET on FOX Nation.


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