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    In celebration of the Women-Owned National Day, the Alabama Women’s Soccer Team has made a triumphant entrance at the Men’s World Championship Final, with the game kicking off at 6:30 p.m.

    ET on Friday.

    The Tide will host Japan, the winner of Group B, in the semifinals.

    “We’re proud to be representing our country at a major international tournament, and we hope the Women of Alabama continue to provide opportunities for women in sports, women’s organizations, and communities to showcase the beauty of women’s sport,” Alabama’s Head Coach Katie Montgomery said in a statement.

    “We have a great group of players who have a strong commitment to being the best and representing our state, so we’re excited to see the national team come out and play.”

    The Tide are coming off an impressive win over China in the Womens World Cup semifinals.

    This was Alabama’s first win in the tournament since 2008, a tournament in which the Tide won the gold medal.

    The team had lost three of its last four games to Japan.

    The team is also expected to field the best U.S. women’s team ever in the Men-Womens Championship, with Alabama looking to win its third Women’s U-17 World Cup title in as many years.

    Alabama defeated Japan 3-0 in the final in November, and its last-place finish was its worst since winning the title in 2011.

    The Women’s National Team is coming off a loss in the 2015 Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

    The national team has not qualified for the Olympics since the 2007 season, and the Tide have not reached the medal round since 2004.


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