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    Posted November 18, 2019 08:03:03 A little boy from a small Queensland town is helping others after a passerby saved his life by jumping into the river and swimming into the ocean.

    The man called 911 and his wife called police after noticing the boy, who is 4, was having trouble breathing.

    The toddler was taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

    His mother, who has been with the family since the incident, said it was a real miracle that he was alive.

    “The little boy came into the hospital yesterday with a little bit of a head cold,” she said.

    The family is now sharing the boy’s story online, sharing the pictures of his life and the people who helped him. “

    His dad came over and sat on the couch and we had a chat and he said, ‘I thought he was just having a bit too much fun’.” After the child’s parents were taken to hospital, they spent a day in intensive care, before being discharged the following day.

    The family is now sharing the boy’s story online, sharing the pictures of his life and the people who helped him.

    The story of a little boy’s life saving the lives of other people is something that really goes to show the power of the internet and the community that comes together around it.

    The child’s mother said the boy was happy and playful but had some difficulty with the flu.

    “I can’t tell you what the outcome of his case will be but I know there are many other children out there that are not as lucky,” she told ABC Brisbane.

    “And they’re just trying to be brave, they’re trying to make sure they have a life.”

    A local park was closed to visitors this morning after a man jumped into the floodwater.

    The boy, named as Jake, was in a wheelchair and had a bad cough.

    His family decided to take him to the hospital where he received treatment.

    “It was a little scary but we got him there safely and then we got a bit more comfortable,” he said.

    Jake was in intensive hospital this morning with a bad cold.

    He was transferred to Royal Brisbane Hospital (RWB) where he was being treated for pneumonia.

    He said his parents are happy with the outcome.

    “Our family is really grateful for the support that’s come from the community, we just want to keep him on our good side and keep him going,” he told ABC Queensland.

    Jake said the little boy was a big help in his life, and he would never forget his friends who had helped him and his parents.

    “They’ve got a great heart for someone like that and they’ve been doing a really good job for the last few months,” he added.