Infographics 101-
Make them, Generate Traffic,
Sell Them

Infographics 101- Make them, Generate Traffic, Sell Them_

Infographics are a valuble marketing tool

Feb 6, 2020

Infographics are a powerful marketing tool for bloggers, service providers, and shop owners.
In short, they are a visual way to display any type of data, that intrigues the reader to click through-
and get the full story from your website! 

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In this post I will be explaining:
What are infographics
What software I use to make infographics for free,
How they can generate traffic to your business
And even- how to add a service of designing infographics to your business-
to make more money designing infographics to other people!
(Hint- no Photoshop needed!)

What are Infographics? (infographics definition)

Like all good definitions, this too shall start with Wikipedia:
Infographics Definition by Wikipedia:

Infographics (a clipped compound of “information” and “graphics”) are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly

Essentially, Infographics are a form of displaying data in a graphic design, however, NOT all data!
Good infographics display a short amount of data- enough to make a point, but not enough so the reader won’t need to go to your website and read more about it! 

Who uses infographics?

To be frank? Not enough people!!
The fact is, that any blogger, service provider, Etsy shop owner, or any other business owner- can use infographics to generate traffic to their business! 
Think of them as well-designed ads you can place on-to Pinterest, or display in your Instagram Story- and you’ll see that You can pretty much use them for anything!
Want a few examples? 
If you sell SEO content writing services 
Create an infographics about the importance of combining keywords inside a text, or- explain the concept of SEO. 
If you have a business making natural care items Create an infographics detailing the materials you’re using, with a short bio on each material!
Are you a wordpress developer? Make an infographics about how easy it is to work with you and create a beautiful website, or- about why every business owner should have a website!
Are you a travel blogger? Make a nice infographics summarizing the best things about the destination you’ve just visited! 

Are infographics “just” for Pinterest?

what are infographics how to make infographics definition infographics for pinterest

There are 2 reasons why I wrote – Are infographics “just” for Pinterest? – Using the quotation mark on the word JUST. 
1. You can use Infographics on all social media channels, post them onto your Facebook page, or inside your Instagram story!
2. Asking if infographics are just for Pinterest- is the same as asking if SEO is “just” for Google. 

In case you don’t know, Pinterest is a major traffic bringer, and it’s one of the best social channels for people to share and re-share your posts (PINS). 
When you post something to your website/blog/shop, it might just reach Pinterest- without you even knowing it. 
Obviously- pinning photos yourself is a great way to generate traffic, but website visitors who want to save your post/item for later- will often pin it onto their Pinterest boards. 
Because Pinterest is basically a visual search engine, other people might go onto Pinterest and search for whatever it is that you are selling, or talking about. They can find your infographics from your user- or from other users who pinned it, and pin it themselves. 
(I have a website for affiliation, that DOESN’T have a Pinterest account, and that I haven’t updated in a year! Yet, somehow, I still get traffic from Pinterest, and even commission from affiliate links on articles that were pinned to Pinterest by other users!)

How to plan your infographics?

If you want to have quality infographics- first you must think about WHY you’re writing them, WHERE they will be displayed, and WHO is your audience. 

The best example I can give you… Is myself- as I am writing this very blog post! 

How I planned this post, and it’s Infographics:
WHY – I post a lot on facebook and Instagram, asking people what my next blog post should be about, and recently I was asked to create a blog post about Infographics. 
WHERE – This infographics, and post, are here, on my blog. This is a blog about ways to make money online, but since it’s not just an infographics, but a blog post, I have to take into account keywords and keyphrases people might be searching for about Infographics.
After a quick keywords research, I know what I want to write about- giving me the bullet points for my Infographics!
WHO – My blog’s audience are people who want to create more money online- using graphic design, content writing, blogging, affiliation, photography, and more. 
That means that in this post/infographics, I will detail things like- the basics, the how to use to generate traffic to businesses, and THE how to sell! 

how to plan your infographics definition what free software for infographic design
I like to use Apple's "Pages" to plan the bullet points for my posts & Infographics

How can Infographics generate traffic for your website/business?

When done right, Infographics can generate a massive amount of traffic to your business! 
The key to them bringing you traffic depends on the type of business you have. 
I will now take the 3 major businesses (in my eyes) and explain how Infographics can be used to generate traffic to them- or better yet-
What to write in that infographics that will bring people to your business:

Infographics for shops

infographics for etsy shopify shop marketing tools

This is my favorite subject yet!
Shops, of any kinds, can benefit from infographics!
If you’re selling any kind of item that is made using different materials- create an infographics that is all about the materials themselves!
You could also create an infographics design explaining the process of ordering from you- highly recommended for people who use 3rd party providers, like Printful/Gooten, to manufacture the items they design for their Etsy/Shopify shop. 

Infographics for bloggers

how to use infographics for a blog

If you’re a blogger, infographics can be used as a sort of summary to your blog post. 
When you write a blog post correctly you have several topics/titles in it- those titles are the points for your infographics! 
You could also create infographics that display the topics you cover in your blog, and upload them to your Pinterest – linking to the blog’s main page. 
Travel bloggers can use infographics to compare different destinations, as well as break down the pros and cons of traveling to a certain city. 

For service providers

use infographics to market a service business provider fiverr marketing

Service providers might not know just how much infographics can benefit them! 
Even if “all” you do is “just” sell on Fiverr, you can create infographics that display the need for your service!
For example- if you’re selling branding services- create infographics that explain the need for a logo and a branded cover. 
If your service is in the field of marketing- generate infographics that show people a proper marketing plan/funnel. 

What is the best software to make Infographics for free?

You can make infographics using so many softwares, really. 
You can use photoshop,
clip studio paint (a similar software to photoshop that you get when you purchase a Wacom tablet),
Power point, simple photo edits (if you’re using a Mac),
or my favorite- CANVA! is a free graphic design tool to design so many things!
You can start a new design based on any measurements you need, or choose from their endless amount of templates for social media, menua designs, invites, logos, covers, and yeah- also Infographics!

A short infographics tutorial using Canva

As I am not so big on making detailed videos, and also-
I attached some screenshots of how I start designing an infographics using Canva’s templates!
(It’s easier than you think!)

Go to and select an Infographics template design
design infographics software for free canva
A new page will open that looks just like this- with free templates on the left side

For this design purpose I will choose a random topic, and create an infographics for it!
My topic will be… 
Infographics for Etsy sellers, on how they should write their product description!

designing infographics on canva tutorial
Because this topic includes a lot of "points" - I chose a template that has a lot of "steps"
how to design infographics using canva free software
Using the button on the right lower corner- I made the image larger, easier for me to edit
Clicking on the text slots- you'll be able to edit the words, change fonts & colors
as well as - click on the background and change the color of that as well
how to make an infographics for your business using canva free tool
Continue to editing the actual steps inside the infographics,
and use the elements tab on the left to find clipart items that correlate to what you're talking about
infographics tutorial using canva
Don't forget to give yourself credit at the end of the infographics!

How to personalize your Infographics to fit your brand?

The short Infographics how-to I did above was simply changed to have an orange background, as Etsy’s logo is Orange, and I only made it for the purpose of this blog post. 
But, when you create an infographics for your website or business, you can easily match it to your brand by:
– Matching the colors of the infographics to the colors of your website/logo. 
– Changing the text font to fonts you’re using in the logo or site. 
– Using your own elements- if you’re a graphic designer.
– Adding your logo, and screenshots from your site.
– Using terms that you use frequently in your works.
– Adding social channel usernames, along with those channels’ icons!

Using Infographics for Easy shops or any business without a website

You don’t need to display these infographics on your own website and then pin them to Pinterest!
You can upload infographics directly to Pinterest, or social media, while adding a link to your shop/service. 

If you do want to use infographics on your Etsy shop, or any other shop, and worried about the HUGE measurements it has- you can always design them to fit any size you want!
To make that process easy- open a new design based on your custom dimensions, and add text,
change background, add elements, and design it yourself!
You can open an infographics design from Canva on another tab,
and choose various templates- just for inspiration!  

How to expand blog traffic with Infographics?

To get more traffic to your blog, using infographics, there are 2 things you should be doing: 
1. Include the infographics inside the blog post- and pin it to Pinterest yourself. 
2. Take that infographics and recreate it with a different font, a different color palette, and with different images. 
Pin that directly to Pinterest- using your blog post link. (You can do that as many times as you want- as long as the designs are different even a little bit!). 

How to to make money designing infographics?

how to make money selling infographics on fiverr

Those of you who know me, know by now that I love FIVERR!
For me, Fiverr was the easiest way to start making money online (Check out my Blog Post 14 Tips to sell better on Fiverr by a level 2 seller). 
The photo you see above you is a screenshot of me searching Fiverr for Infographics design. 
As you can see there are infographics for $5 and even for $45, some with few reviews, others with more than 1K reviews. 
(Note: There are people selling these services on Fiverr higher than $45, those are just the ones I saw in the first initial search. 
Also- people with 1K+ reviews have about twice as many sales for that specific gig!)

The concept of starting to sell infographics on Fiverr is pretty simple, to be honest, and can be done with a bit of creativity!
Remember the 3 types of “services” I gave as an example? 
A service provider, a blogger, and a shop!
Try and imagine 3 of these as your clients, as you create 3 very different templates from Canva, for infographics for these businesses. 
Use these infographics you made in a single photo (horizontal photo, so to fit Fiverr’s gig main photo area), and display that as your portfolio!

Make sure to be specific with your clients on top of the gig as to what they need to send you to start it, what kind of information you need from them to create a good infographics, as well as explain the process of you creating the images for them!
Make sure to leave a room for them to select the size they need, colors they want used, fonts, etc. 

You can also combine infographics into your existing graphic design business, but if you do not have one- Fiverr is the best place to start!


Infographics is one of the most simple, yet effective, tools in online marketing and generating traffic. 
You can easily design infographics, using:
WORD, Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Power Point, and my favorite-! 

Make sure to keep your audience in mind as you design them, and make sure that if you design them to lead to a blog post- those would cover the blog post’s titles and topics!

Infographics can be Pinned directly to Pinterest, and you can use them to promote any type of product or service you sell online. 

It is fairly easy to create an infographics for free, that is true. But- spend a bit of time on it, make it truly your own, edit the colors and fonts, use creative elements, and you’ll have yourself an infographics design that matches and compliments your brand’s branding! 

If you have an existing Fiverr profile that has anything to do with graphic design- a nice new gig for infographics- would be just what the doctor ordered!
If you were waiting for pigs to fly- to start a Fiverr profile- consider them flying already- in a beautiful 6 step infographics on why you should be selling on Fiverr!

Infographics 101- Make them, Generate Traffic, Sell Them_ on fiverr

Good luck spreading beautiful data & making money
Using infographics to get more clients for your business,
Or by simply starting to design and sell infographics!

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